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The Village Needs YOU!!

As the old African proverb states, it takes a village to raise a child. We are that village, you and I. We can’t look over our shoulder, to the left or the right to see who’s going to step in and step up. It is up to us. Each one of us. We each play an integral role in the success of the village. Whether you are a professional, an executive, a business owner, a doctor, a lawyer, a musician, a student, an athlete, an actor, a politician, a housewife or a retiree, you are needed by the village.

Become a part of The Village

The good news is that many hands make light work! If each one does a little, a whole lot gets done. Join The Village Enrichment Program and register your skills and areas of interest where you can share your knowledge, wisdom and insight with the youth of our communities.

Opportunities to serve include:
• Guest speaker during program workshops
• Workshop facilitator
• Assisting with the planning and delivery of nutritious lunches
Get involved in the areas you want, to whatever level you desire. Service opportunities are single-event activities, with the exception of workshop facilitators. There is never any obligation to do more. (But we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to!)

Become a part of The Village today!

Join as Partner

What is good for one of us is good for all of us. We do not live in isolation. By insuring that every part of the village is better equipped to live a successful life, we insure that the village as a whole will thrive; that we all will live better lives.

You can play a significant role in this process by partnering with The Village to provide educational programs to communities of underserved youth. On the deepest level, we all want to be a part of creating a better world. So the question is how would YOU like to partner with The Village?

• Program sponsorship
• Youth sponsorship
• Host programs
• Nutritious food donation
• Donate supplies or equipment
• Cultural activities for youth
• Service opportunities for youth
• Transportation services
• Other

As a village partner, you will be recognized on our website with your logo and links to your website, you will be mentioned prominently in The Village promotional and program materials, as well as receive credit for your in-kind donation.