About Us

The primary focus of our school system is to teach reading, writing and arithmetic. However, there is an entire world on which to educate children, including critical thinking about life choices, goal setting and how to be high-functioning in a dynamic, diverse society, which is learned through life experience, as opposed to books. What many of our children – particularly in communities of underserved, economically disadvantaged youth – lack are life lessons on how to live a successful life, and exposure to certain life experiences that might be lacking in their environment. Things like health and wellness, financial responsibility, etiquette and decorum, public speaking, service mindedness and much, much more are often missing from the total life education tapestry of these children.


In order to truly break the cycle of poverty, educating youth on life skills is a must. The Village Enrichment Program (The Village) addresses the need for rounding out this aspect of a child’s education, supplementing it with information that will enable that child to lead a successful, healthy, well-balanced life; and it does so by calling upon the community at-large to step up, roll up their sleeves and get involved in small, yet impactful ways. Together we can make huge advances in preparing youth to live their best lives – to excel!

Mission of the Village

Who We Are

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for the youth in underserved communities to learn life skills essential to success. We leverage the power of community to fulfill our motto: Educate > Empower > Excel.

Our goal is to educate adolescents on the fundamentals of living a successful, healthy and well-balanced life by exposing them to aspects of life learning that go beyond the realm of the classroom so they enter the workplace, and the world, with a sense of confidence and a feeling of rightful belonging among the ranks of the successful in society.

Who We Serve

Our aim is to provide programs for the youth and young adults of underserved communities; those who might not have otherwise had the opportunity to be exposed to things like managing personal finances, health and wellness, life planning and goal setting, public speaking, and etiquette.

While our programs target these children, our doors are open to all children. This aspect of inclusion is key to fostering a sense of comfort and ease among participants with people of all backgrounds, cultures and socio-economic statuses.

What We Teach

We have carefully chosen the name Enrichment Program as our programs is designed to do just that – supplement academic learning with life learning for the enrichment of our youth, to further their life skills and insure their ultimate success. Our program includes such areas as:

  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Communication & public speaking
  • Personal finance basics
  • Life planning & goal setting
  • Attitudes, thoughts, beliefs
  • Body & Self-Image
  • Etiquette & decorum
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Civic responsibility
  • Earth ethics
  • Service mindedness
  • Job readiness